Component Utilization Reporting: Column Manager - Released: 8/31/2020

The Column Manager is the first Enhancement to Component Utilization Reports which will allow users to add Custom Field data (as columns) in Component Utilization Reports to make data-backed decisions on their Component demand needs by Product Taxonomy for their chosen Mills and Suppliers. 

Using the Column Manager:  

  • Column Manager only manages Custom Fields 
  • The 7 default column headers cannot be managed in the Column Manager. These headers will remain on the table in their current order, they are the following: 
    • Component Variant, Product Variant, Style No. Qty, UOM, Component Cost, Component Cost/Unit 
  • Custom Fields will have an identifier for the type of field it is (B=BoM, C=Component, P=Product)  
  • Users can search for Custom Field by Name in Column Manager  
  • # of Custom Fields selected will display in Column Manager
  • CSV Export will reflect the Custom Field columns added to the report

View of Column Manager Icon:

View of Selecting Custom Fields:

How to use the Column Manager: 

  1. Click into an existing Component Utilization Report from the Library
  2. Navigate to the upper righthand corner of the report and click on the Column Manager Icon 
  3. Toggle on/off to select Custom Fields to display in the report 
  4. Click "Apply" in the upper right and the custom fields will display as columns 
Here's a quick video tutorial to walk you through how to use it: 
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