What's New: April 2020


  • Session Time Out: If a user is inactive for longer than 30 minutes, they will need to re-login. After inactivity, the user will be redirected to the login page, upon their first click event. Important details about this enhancement: 
    • Once logged back in, user will go back to the parent area of the app, where they left off.
    • If user has been inactive for 30 minutes, we recommend refreshing the page, in case the user has been logged out.
    • Users will have to click "log in" more frequently moving forward.
    • This is a security best practice for web-based applications.


  • Update to "Filterable" Custom Fields: Any custom fields configured as a Dropdown, Date or Checkbox type will now automatically filter in all Libraries, Item Master views and Line Sheets.
    • Note: When configuring Custom Fields in the Admin, users will no longer need to select these field types as "Filterable".


  • Editing Component Variants: There is now a warning modal to allow users to confirm changes when editing Component Variant Properties, such as color, codes, and sizes.
    • Note: Applying the changes will clear all codes and costs.

Tech Pack

  • Text Tool in Image Editor: The "Text Area" tool in the Image Editor will now preserve spacing and alignment settings on the Tech Pack PDF, that are being displayed in-app. See an example below in the recording.  
  • Tech Pack Email:  When e-mailing a Tech Pack from Backbone, the body of the e-mail will preserve the same formatting as the "message" in-app. 
    • Note: Previously, text within the message box would appear as a single line on an email. 

Coming Soon:

Bill of Materials 

  • Component Row Position: Component row positions will stay with their respective divider row when adding new Components to the BoM. Previously if a user added a Component to a specific row, it would push a Component out of that divider section and a user would have to drag the Component back to the original divider section.


  • Creating Blocks: Users will now have the ability to store "Compare Mode" data within Blocks. This will allow the user to build out Products quicker by simply importing the Block into a Product. 
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