Can you add Components that are more generic or factory sourced as opposed to specific Components?

Yes, within Backbone you have the ability to create Factory Supplied Components. A Factory Supplied Component is a generic, one-off Component that you do not want to store in your Component Library and you will generally only use it one time. 

To create a Factory Supplied Component: 

  1. Navigate to a Product BoM and click the blue "+" icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to begin adding Components to your BoM. 
  2. Then click "+ Create New". This will prompt you to create a new Component on the fly. 
  3. To create a Factory Supplied Component, click the blue highlighted dropdown menu that says "Component". Then select "Factory Supplied Component". 
  4. You are then able to input the Component name, price and row position.  
    • Note: This component will not be added to the Component Library. 
  5. Click "Add" to add this Component to the BoM. 
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