Onboarding Checklist


  1. Attend Live Trainings or refer to Getting Started
  2. Set up Admin
  3. Build Custom Fields
  4. Create Color Libraries and Palettes
  5. Build Components and add Variants
  6. Create PoM's and build Blocks


  1. Start creating Products
  2. Upload Images and add Annotations
  3. Build Bill of Materials
  4. Build Size Specs
  5. Generate and share Tech Packs
  6. Confirm receipt of Tech Packs from Vendor 
  7. Receive Samples and Measure in Backbone
  8. Capture Sample comments in Feedback & Revisions
  9. Generate and share new Tech Pack with comments 
  10. Create a Cost Sheet


  1. Attend Deep Dive Live Trainings and watch Best Practice videos
  2. Create an Item Master report to manage Product assortment 
  3. Create an Item Master report to manage Sample tracking 
  4. Create an Item Master report to manage WIP
  5. Create a Line Sheet to manage Product assortment 
  6. Identify and create Product templates for Carryover and Core Products 
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