Key Outcome

You're approaching Super User status, congrats! You should be comfortable with the basic functionality to build Products and Tech Packs. Now it's time to expand your knowledge into Backbone's additional features that will further drive efficiencies throughout the Product Lifecycle and provide visibility of key Product information to cross functional teams.

How you'll get there

  1. Attend Deep Dive Live Trainings and watch Best Practice videos to continue learning the Backbone way. 
  2. Create an Item Master report to manage Product assortment. 
  3. Create an Item Master report to manage Sample tracking. 
  4. Create an Item Master report to manage WIP. 
  5. Create a Line Sheet to manage Product assortment. 
  6. Create templates for Carryover and Core Products to have a jumping off point for new Products with similar information.  

Helpful tips & tools to consider. 

  • Historical tracking documents (Sample Tracking, WIP, Product or Component assortment) 
  • Identify Core and Carryover Products that you would like to rinse and reuse as ProductTemplates 
  • Visual reports used for Line Reviews, Marketing or Sales teams
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