Key Outcome

Now that you've laid out your foundation and established your building blocks, it's time to create a Product! The final outcome? Create a Tech Pack, share it with your vendor and receive your first Sample! 

How you'll get there

  1. Start creating Products to begin development. 
  2. Upload Images and add Annotations to visually communicate key callouts. 
  3. Build Bill of Materials to inform the vendor of materials used to build your Product. 
  4. Build Size Specs to capture key Points of Measures and Graded Measurements.  
  5. Generate and share Tech Packs to provide a roll up of key Product information in one file.  
  6. Confirm receipt of Tech Packs from Vendor to start the Sample process. 
  7. Receive Samples and Measure in Backbone to capture any Size & Fit discrepancies. 
  8. Capture Sample comments in Feedback & Revisions to capture and communicate any issues or changes. 
  9. Create a Cost Sheet to record any additional costing, not captured in your BOM. 
  10. Generate and share new Tech Pack with comments to proceed with next round of Sampling. 

Helpful tips & tools to consider. 

  • Historical Tech Packs - what information do you want to include? 
  • Download a Tech Pack before sharing - you have a few options on how the data will be displayed! 
  • Give your vendor a heads up that they'll be receiving their Tech Packs in a new format. 
  • Utilize the Libraries you created in the Crawl approach. 

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