Key Outcome

Create the Backbone to your Product Development process by creating the building blocks to efficiently create Products & Components.  

How you'll get there? 

  1. Attend Live Trainings or refer to Getting Started to learn the system's basic functionality. 
  2. Complete Admin setup to make Backbone yours.    
  3. Build and update Custom Fields to add attributes to Products, Components and BOM’s.
  4. Create Color Libraries and Palettes to make it easy to organize and find Colors for Products and Components. 
  5. Build Components and add Variants to quickly build your BOM. 
  6. Create PoM's and build Blocks to standardize your Size Specs.  

Helpful tools to consider. 

  • Tech Packs 
  • Reports (Line Sheets, WIP's, Excels) 
  • Bill of Materials 
  • Size Specs

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