What's new: July 2020


  • As our Product team works to prioritize planned feature releases and enhancements we will temporarily be removing the Calendar feature (to be re-released at a later date).
  • The Task Manager will remain, and you can continue creating and managing Tasks as usual.
  • This update will take place on Friday, July 17th, 2020.
  • As we work on a new direction for the Calendar module that will better serve our users we would appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

Copying Products

  • We added a notification when you Copy a Product to clarify which sections do not copy: Samples, Cost Scenarios & Tech Packs.

Product Summary: Image carousel 

  • When users set the default image, this image will appear as the 1st image in the Product Summary carousel, regardless of the order the images were uploaded.

Item Master 

  • Users now have the ability to dynamically display assigned Product Colorway Names and the Size Range assigned within the Size Spec section in the Item Master.
  • This data will display as comma separated values in dedicated columns which can be added to any report.
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