Item Master

The Item Master is a dynamic reporting tool for both Products and Components.  It allows you to view and edit Summary-level data for large groups of Products or Components in a shareable spreadsheet view.  Leverage your Custom Field filters to build unique Item Master reports for different projects and analysis needs.  Your Item Master Reports are all housed in the Item Master Library.

Navigating the Item Master Library

  • You access the Item Master Library by clicking its dedicated Icon in the Global Navigation
  • Your Library shows any IMs you created and any IMs your colleagues shared with you
  • IMs are displayed on cards which list the Name, Author and Last Updated date
  • Your Product Item Masters and Component Item Masters are housed in different sections.  Switch sections using the dropdown menu at the top left corner of the page
  • Search for a specific Item Master by Name at the top of the page
  • Sort your Item Master Library by Name or Date Modified
  • Open any IM by clicking its card
Managing Item Masters within the Item Master Library 
  • Hovering over any IM card reveals the 3-dot Overflow Icon in the top right corner; click this to open a menu with the following options:
    • Duplicate Report
    • Edit Report
    • Delete Report
  • Hovering over any IM card also reveals a checkbox on the top left corner
  • Select one or more IM cards with the checkboxes to reveal the Bulk Actions Toolbar at the bottom of the page 
    • The Bulk Actions Toolbar has options to Duplicate and Delete reports

Creating a New Item Master

Note there are three different methods for creating an Item Master report:

  • Dynamic Method: Use Live Links on your filterable Fields to define which Products or Components appear on the report.  Choose one or more specific values on one or more Fields, and Products/Components assigned that value are included, while others are excluded.  The report content updates automatically as you assign/re-assign the linked values to your Products/Components.
  • Static Method: Manually select specific Products or Components you want on your report.  The Products/Components stay on your report even as you assign/re-assign values to them.  Update the report content manually through the Create/Edit Report overlay. 
  • Combination Method: Use both of the above options. Live Link criteria for your report, and add additional Products/Components manually as needed.  The report content may update automatically as you assign/re-assign linked values, but certain Products/Components may only be added or removed manually.
  • To create a Product Item Master, make sure you’re in the Product section of your IM Library. To create a Component Item Master, make sure you’re in the Component section of your IM Library
  • Click the Add Icon at the top of the IM Library and the Create/Edit Report Overlay appears 
  • The first page of the Create/Edit Overlay allows you to set up Live Links on any of your filterable Fields
    • Select a particular value on any available Field, and any Products/Components assigned this value automatically appear in the report
      • Any Products/Components that aren’t assigned this value on this Field are excluded
    • You can refine your report using multiple Fields, and you can choose multiple values on each Field as needed
    • Live-Linked IMs are highly dynamic:
      • If you change the Live-Linked value on any Product or Component, it falls off the report
      • If you add a new Product or Component and assign it the Live-Linked value, it is automatically added to the report
    • It is not required to set up any Live Links - if you prefer to create a Static report you can just click the Next button and manually add Products/Components on the 2nd page of the Create/Edit Overlay
  • When you finish Live Linking, move to the second page, where you can manually add Products or Components
    • If you’re creating a Product Report, your whole Product Library appears.  If you’re creating a Component Report, your whole Component Library appears.
    • Any Products or Components already set to appear on your report per your Live Link selections are highlighted and flagged with a small Link Icon
    • Click the checkbox to manually add additional Products or Components
    • Use the search bar and filters to help you find Products or Components you wish to manually add
    • It is not required to manually add any Products or Components - if you’re creating a fully dynamic report you can just click the Next button
  • Move to the final page of the Create/Edit Report overlay and choose which attributes you will include for each Product/Component
    • Enter a Name for the report (best practice is to name the report based on its content, ex. Spring 21 Womenswear Factory Report)
    • Optionally, upload a Cover Image for your report
    • All the Fields you’re able to include on your report appear at the bottom of the page
      • Select the Fields you want using the checkboxes
      • Your Taxonomy-level Fields will automatically be included in the report
      • If you’re creating a Product IM, you’ll see two specialty Fields at the top of the list - Colorways and Sizes
        • The Colorways Field displays all the Colorways you assigned each Product, concatenated as comma separated values
        • The Sizes Field displays each Size you assigned each Product (via the Size Spec), concatenated as comma separated values
        • These specialty Fields cannot be edited within the Item Master, they are read-only
    • If you have a lot of Fields to choose from, you may wish to search for them by name, or filter your options per Field Type to refine the list
  • Click the Save button to open your report
Working In Your Item Master
  • At the top of your Item Master, you can search for an included Product or Component by name or Style Number/Code
  • Use the Hidden Fields dropdown to select columns and they will collapse from your view
    • Note that you can also remove Custom Field columns from the report entirely, by accessing the Create/Edit Report overlay
    • Taxonomy-level Fields cannot be removed from the report, they can only be hidden
    • Hidden columns persist as you open and close the report, including for other report collaborators
  • Sort your Item Master by Name, Style Number/Code, or Date Updated
  • Click the Add Icon to create a new Product or Component Record, with the option to include it on your report
  • Click the Filter Icon to access your filtering options
    • Filters do not persist as you open and close the report, not do they affect report collaborators
  • Add collaborators to your report by clicking the Add Person Icon at the top of the page
  • Click the 3-dot Overflow Icon at the top right to access several other options
    • Export to CSV - ability to export Item Master reports three different ways:
    • Edit Current View - opens the Create/Edit Report Overlay, allowing you to adjust report criteria
  • Navigate your Item Master spreadsheet using your arrow keys, return key and tab key as well as using your mouse or trackpad
  • Click the thumbnail Image for any Product or Component in your report to open its Record in another tab
  • Click-and-drag column headers to rearrange column order
  • For Product Item Masters, right clicking in the Product Name Cell allows you to open a Details drawer with a larger Image and a quick view of other data
  • Edit values in any of the Taxonomy Fields or Custom Fields on your report as desired
    • Changes made in the Item Master dynamically flow out to the associated Product or Component Records and vice versa
    • There are restrictions on data input depending on the Field format - so you won’t be able to assign a new, freetype value on a Dropdown Menu, for example, or enter text in a Currency-format Field
    • The specialty Colorways and Sizes Fields, which concatenate values assigned within the Product Record, cannot be updated in the Item Master
  • Take advantage of standard spreadsheet shortcuts to make bulk changes
    • Copy values from one or more cells to other cell(s) with the same field format restrictions
    • Click and drag the bottom right corner of any cell to copy its values vertically up or down the column
  • Select checkboxes at the far left of each row to access the Bulk Actions Toolbar with some additional options:
    • Copy the selected Product/Component Records and add the copies to your report
    • Email tech packs for the selected Product/Component Records
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