Component Variants

This section is where you can add and manage different variations of your component. This would include variations such as Color, Size, or Weight. You can have up to three Variant Types including Color. 

Adding Component Variants

  • Start by clicking the Add New Icon at bottom right corner of the page to open the Create & Edit Variant pop-up modal
  • Color will be your first variant by default 
    • Add these by querying your Color Library
    • Adding a Color Variant is optional. If you do not have Color Variants to add, proceed to the next section. 
  • Add a custom Variant Type by selecting Enter Variant Field 
    • Add the name of your Variant Type (i.e. Size, Weight, COO) and select enter
      • Delete a Value Type by selecting the Trash Icon to the right of the field
      • Edit the name of  a Value Type by selecting the Pencil Icon to the right of the field
    • Add the specific Variant Value by typing into the Enter Variant Value for X and select enter 
    • Continue to follow the same process to additional Variant Values 
      • Delete a Variant Value by selecting the X Field
      • Edit the name of a Variant Value by clicking into the Value 
  • Click "Close" and all of the different component variants will appear. 
  • You can add up to three Variant Types including Color and up to 500 total Variants

Managing Component Variants

Once variants have been added to your Component, you will see that each Variant Combination displayed in your Variant Table. Using the Variant Properties section you can choose to further customize your Variants. 

  • Filter to select the specific Variant you would like to update by selecting the toggles
  • Assign a Cost, Code, Status and/or Image for the specific Variant 
  • Select Save button

Please note that a limit of 500 Variants can be added to each Component. 

Deleting Variants

To delete a Variant, click the Plus (+) icon in the bottom right corner to access the Edit modal and click the (X) beside the Variant you'd like to delete. 

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