Component Library

Navigating the Component Library

  • You access the Component Library by clicking its dedicated icon in the Global Navigation
  • Search for a specific Component Record by Name or Code at the top of the page
  • Toggle between Card View and List View as needed
    • Card View displays a large thumbnail image, Name and Code for every Component 
    • List View displays a small thumbnail image, Name, Code, the Component Creator and Last Modified date for every Component
  • Sort your Component Library by Component Name, Code, or Date Modified
  • Click the Filter icon to open your Taxonomy-level and Custom Field Filters, which allow you to refine the displayed Component Records

Quick View Component Record Information

  • Quick view a Component to see its Summary-level details without opening the full record or navigating out of the Library
    • In Card View, you Quick View by hovering over a Component Card and clicking the button which appears below
    • In List View, you Quick View by clicking the button which appears on the right side of the Component Row
  • Click a Component Name or Image to open the Component Record

Managing Components within the Component Library

  • Additional actions are available within the Component Library by accessing the 3-dot Overflow menu
    • In Card View, you open this menu by hovering over a Component Card and clicking the 3-dot Overflow Icon which appears at the top right
    • In List View, you open this menu by clicking the 3-dot Component Icon on the far right side of the Component Row
  • Overflow menu actions:
    • Copy - creates a duplicate of the Component Record
      • Copies include all Summary Information, Variants, Images, Files and Feedback & Revisions
      • Copies exclude Tech Packs
      • Copies retain Component Names but append the note “(Copy)” for ease of disambiguation
      • Copies inherit new system-generated Codes
      • Changes made to one copy do not affect the other copy
    • Edit - drops you into Edit Mode on the Component Summary
    • Delete - hard delete of the entire Component Record
      • This action is not reversible and will remove component from all BOMs where it has been applied
      • This data is not recoverable
    • Cancel Product - soft delete of the entire Component Record
      • Canceled Components do not appear in the main Component Library
      • View these Components by clicking the Canceled Products checkbox in the Component Library filter drawer
      • Restore these Components to active status via the same 3-dot Overflow menu in the Canceled Library
    • Generate Tech Pack
      • Opens the Component Tech Pack generation modal
      • After you generate the TP, it is accessible in the Tech Packs section of the Component Record
  • Select multiple Components using the checkboxes to access the Bulk Actions toolbar
    • Bulk actions include the same Cancel, Edit, Copy, and Delete options outlined above
    • Editing in Bulk can be performed on both Taxonomy-level fields and Custom Fields
    • Emailing Tech Packs is also available in bulk from this toolbar
      • Modal allows you to specify which Tech Pack to email for each Component 
      • Enter a subject line and content for the body of the email, and add as many email addresses as you like

Creating a Component in the Component Library

  • Start by clicking the Add New Icon at bottom right corner of the page (note you can also add brand new Components from the Image Annotator, BOM and Item Master)
  • Then enter the fundamental Component Summary information:
    • Component Name, Code and Unit Price and Unit of Measure
      • Note: If you manage variants, pricing will be assigned within the variant section of your Component Record
    • Taxonomy-level data like Brand, Season, Year, Division and Category
    • Key Custom Fields you have configured - such as Supplier, Country of Origin, and Status
  • Optionally, upload Component Images at the time of Component Creation (JPG, PNG, AI, PDF formats are all acceptable), but these can also be added as a separate step in your Component Image Section
  • Select “Add Additional” to continue to create additional Components 
  • Click the Save button and your record is created!  
  • The sections of the Component Record beyond Summary are all accessible via the left-hand menu
  • You can proceed with filling in all the other Component Record sections directly, or come back to them at a later date
Additional Resources on creating Components can be found here: 


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