Product Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials tab is where you list all the raw materials you need to make your Product.  Building your BOMs is made efficient by dynamic linking to your Component Library and your BOM Template Library.

Navigating the Bill of Materials

  • The BOM table displays your Component Names and Codes in the first two columns, alongside a Component thumbnail Image if available
    • These values aren’t editable, changes to either must be made on the Component Record itself
    • Click the thumbnail to open the Component Record
  • The Qty column is where you indicate the total consumption of each Component on your BOM
    • The UOM for your consumption Qty is defined within the Component Record
  • The next columns which appear are any Component-level Custom Fields which you’ve configured to Appear on BOM in your Admin Panel (more information about Custom Field configuration here)
  • After this come your BOM-level Custom Fields
  • The rightmost columns of your BOM map to each Product Colorway, and are home to your Component Variant selections
  • At top left, you’re able to Hide columns from view in the BOM as needed - note hidden columns will also be hidden on any Tech Packs you export
  • Click the 3-Dot Overflow Icon to open a menu with additional options:
    • Import a BOM Template
    • Export your BOM to the BOM Template Library
    • Export your BOM to CSV (this option is also available via its own Icon, above the 3-Dot Overflow Icon)

Adding Components to your Bill of Materials

Existing Components

Most commonly, you should be building your BOMs with Components you’ve already set up in your Component Library. 

  • Start by clicking the Add New button at the bottom right corner of the page
  • Query for your Component by Name or Code in the pop-up modal’s search bar
  • Click the correct match and specify its row position (if you don’t specify a row position, Components go to the bery bottom of the BOM by default)
  • Query other Components as needed and click the Add button to save all
New Components

Occasionally, you may need to create a new Component for use on your BOM.

  • Start by clicking the Add New button at the bottom right corner of the page
  • Click the Create New button at the top of the pop-up modal
  • Define the Component Name and Component Type
  • Optionally define the Component Price and upload a Component Image
  • Specify your desired row position as needed
  • Click Add to save the new Component both to your BOM and to your Component Library 
  • Navigate to the Component Record to add additional details like Code, Custom Fields values, Variants, etc. (See more on Component Records here)
Factory Supplied Components

If your BOM needs a Component that you don’t want to keep as a record within your Component Library, choose a Factory Supplied Component.

  • Start by clicking the Add New button at the bottom right corner of the page
  • Click the Create New button at the top of the pop-up modal
  • At the Creating New dropdown menu, select Factory Supplied Component
  • Define the Factory Supplied Component Name
  • Optionally define the Factory Supplied Component Price
  • Click Add to save the new Component to your BOM - it does not save to your Component Library
Adding Components from a BOM Template

You can add multiple Components (alongside other BOM-level content like Divider Rows or Custom Field values, if applicable) at once when you have them collected in a BOM Template (see more on BOM Templates here).

  • Click the 3-dot Overflow Icon at top right to access the Overflow Menu
  • Select the Import BOM Template option
  • Query your BOM Templates by Name
  • Click the correct match, and add the Template by clicking Merge or Replace
    • Merge will append the contents of the Template to any content already in your BOM
    • Replace will wipe out any content you previously added to the BOM, leaving only the content from the Template

Selecting Component Variants for your Bill of Materials

Components can have any number of Variants - the most common ones are Color and Size.  The correct Component Variant generally varies by Product Colorway, and you specify all these details in the BOM. 

  • Ensure you’ve assigned at least one Colorway to your Product 
    • Colorways are managed in the Product Summary
    • For each Colorway, your BOM has a dedicated column of cells where you indicate the appropriate Component Variant
  • Click any Variant Cell to open the Variant Selection Drawer
  • The Variant Selection Drawer has filters at the top, and lists every Variant option below the filters
    • Use the filters to zero in on the correct option on longer Variant lists
    • For Components without assigned Variants, just the default option is available in the Variant Selection Drawer
  • Click the correct Variant option, which updates your Variant Cell and closes the Selection Drawer
  • Hover over a completed Variant Cell to access additional options in the 3-dot Overflow Menu
    • Select the Details option to view more data about your selected Variant
    • Select the Clear option to return the Variant Cell to its unused state
    • Select the Copy option to set the same Variant across all the Product Colorways

Completing your Bill of Materials

  • Click the 6-dot handle and drag-and-drop your Components to your desired order
  • Indicate the consumption for each Component in the Qty column
  • Fill in any BOM-level Custom Fields you’ve configured
  • Organize your BOM with Divider Rows
    • Click Add Divider at top right
    • Dividers land at the bottom of the BOM, click the 6 dot handle and drag-and-drop to your desired position
    • Click the Divider row to type in a title (ex. Fabric, Trims, Labels)
  • Select one or more Components with the checkboxes at the left-hand side to access the Bulk Actions Toolbar, which has these options:
    • Delete Component(s)
    • Hide/Unhide Component(s) - note that hidden Components do not appear on Tech Packs
    • Copy Component(s)  - this does not duplicate the Component Record, it simply adds the Component to the BOM again, on another row
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