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  • You access the Product Library by clicking its dedicated Icon in the Global Navigation
  • Search for a specific Product Record by Name or Style Number at the top of the page
  • Toggle between Card View and List View as needed
    • Card View displays a large thumbnail Image, Name and Style Number for every Product
    • List View displays a small thumbnail Image, Name, Style Number, the Product Creator and Last Modified date for every Product
  • Sort your Product Library by Product Name, Code, or Date Modified
  • Click the Filter Icon to open your Taxonomy-level and Custom Field Filters, which allow you to refine the displayed Product Assortment
  • Quickview a Product to see its Summary-level details without opening the full record or navigating out of the Library
    • In Card View, you Quickview by hovering over a Product Card and clicking the button which appears below
    • In List View, you Quickview by clicking the button which appears on the right side of the Product Row
  • Click a Product Name or Image to open the Product Record, on the Summary tab

Managing Products within the Product Library

  • Additional actions are available within the Product Library by accessing the Overflow menus
    • In Card View, you open this menu by hovering over a Product Card and clicking the 3-dot Overflow Icon which appears at the top right
    • In List View, you open this menu by clicking the 3-dot Overflow Icon on the far right side of the Product Row
  • Overflow menu actions:
    • Copy - creates a duplicate of the Product Record
      • Copies include all Summary Information, Images & Annotations, BOM, Graded Size Spec, Files and Feedback & Revisions
      • Copies exclude Tech Packs, Sample Measurements and Cost Sheets
      • Copies retain Product Names but append the note “(Copy)” for ease of disambiguation
      • Copies inherit new system-generated Style Numbers
      • Changes made to one copy do not affect the other copy
    • Edit - drops you into the Edit Overlay on the Product Summary
    • Delete - hard delete of the entire Product Record
      • This action is not reversible
      • This data is not recoverable
    • Cancel Product - soft delete of the entire Product Record
      • Canceling a Product is the best alternative to archiving a Product 
      • Canceled Products do not appear in the main Product Library
      • View these Products by clicking the Canceled checkbox in the Product Library filter drawer
      • Restore these Products to active status via the same Overflow menu in the Canceled Library
    • Generate Tech Pack
      • Opens the Tech Pack generation modal
      • After you generate the TP, it is accessible in the Tech Packs section of the Product Record

Select multiple Products using the checkboxes to access the Bulk Actions toolbar. Bulk actions include the cancel, share, edit, copy, and Delete

  • Editing in Bulk is restricted to Taxonomy-level fields - you can’t bulk edit Custom Fields
  • Sharing from this toolbar allows you share tech packs via a public link
    • A pop-up modal allows you to specify which Tech Pack and Files to email for each Product. 
    • Clicking share allows you to view the selected tech packs, copy the public link to view the tech packs, and email these tech packs directly using the public link.
    • If you select email just input the recipients address, add a subject and message, then the public link will be automatically included.

Creating products within the Product Library

Start by clicking the Add New Icon at bottom right corner of the page (Note: you can also add new Products from within the Global Navigation)

  • Then enter the fundamental Product Summary information:
    • Product Name, Style Number and optional Description
    • Taxonomy-level data like Brand, Season, Year, Division and Category
    • Product Colorways (add these by querying your Color Library)
    • Key Custom Fields you have configured - such as Factory, Country of Origin, and MSRP
  • Optionally, upload Product Images at the time of Product Creation (JPG, PNG, AI, PDF formats are all acceptable), but these can also be added as a separate step
  • Select the Add Additional checkbox to speed up the process of creating many Products in a row if you like
  • Click the Save button and your record is created
  • The sections of the Product Record beyond Summary are all accessible via the left-hand navigation bar
  • You can proceed with filling in all the other Product Record sections directly, or come back to them at a later date
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