What's New: September 2021

Current Updates


  • Images with no captions: You now have the ability to clear captions for images. 
    • In-app, it will show "No caption set"
    • In the tech pack, the caption will be blank.

Line Sheets

  • New custom sorting options: You now have control to customize the sort order of your line sheets to display products in the order you wish! Learn more here.


  • Icon for image-less Swatches: Swatches without images, will be displayed with a new icon in-app. 
  • This will be displayed in the following areas: 
    • Component Utilization Report
    • Bill of Materials
    • Product & Component Summary 
    • Component Variants 
    • Tech Pack creation

Tech Packs 

  • Create & share tech packs with public links: You can now create and share a public link of your product tech pack and any associated files in a few seconds! Learn more here.
  • Share multiple product tech packs with public links: From the Product Library or Item Master, select multiple products to share tech packs with public links. Learn more here
  • Brand Taxonomy field: For multi-brand companies, this field is now displayed on the tech pack front page.  

Coming Soon

Tech Packs 

  • E-mailing product tech packs from the tech pack ledger:  Now that you can share tech packs with a public link, we are removing the legacy flow for emailing product tech packs (which involves links that expire). 
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