Line Sheet: New Custom Sorting - Released: 8/20/2021

You now have control to customize the sort order of your line sheets to display products in the order you wish! 

Key Benefits

  • Sort products based on the values in any taxonomy or custom field, some examples include: 
    • Taxonomy - category, season, year
    • Custom Field - delivery, factory, launch date 
  • Sort based on one or more product attributes 
  • Sort values by ascending or descending for every rule 

How to customize the sort order for a Line Sheet:  

  1. In the line sheet library, click the + icon to create a new line sheet 
  2. Configure your report
    1. Give your report a name
    2. Add your product filters
    3. Add your sort rules  
  3. Click 'Save' 
  4. In the upper right-hand corner, click the settings icon to open the settings drawer 
  5. Next select the attributes you'd like displayed for your product 
  6. Click the Settings icon to hide the settings drawer 
  7. To export a line sheet PDF, click the 3 dot ellipse
  8. Click 'Download PDF' and choose your preferred layout

Using the sort rules: 

  • Sort options have been moved to the create / edit flow 
  • Sort rules for different custom field types: 
    • Text-area / numeric fields: Products will sort in alphanumeric order
    • Checkbox fields: Products with True will come first in ascending order 
    • Date fields: Chronological order should correspond to ascending and reverse chronological order should correspond to descending
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