Tech Packs: Create & share a Public Link - Released: 8/11/2021

We've added a new feature to tech packs - you can now create and share a public link of your product tech pack and any associated files in a few seconds! 

Key Benefits: 

  • Preview a tech pack in your web browser - you no longer need to download it first to view it
  • Share & view tech packs with a public link - this allows non-Backbone users to have access to the tech pack and files
  • Public links for tech packs do not expire 

How to create & share a Public Link: 

  1. In the tech pack section of the product, click the + icon to create a tech pack
  2. Choose which sections you want to show on your tech pack, and select any files you want to attach along with the tech pack
  3. Choose your Image Layout 
  4. Choose your BOM Layout 
  5. Click 'Create'
  6. In the tech pack ledger, click the email icon on the right of any tech pack row
  7. In the pop-up modal, click 'Create Public Link'
  8. Once the public link is created, you can choose one of the following: 
    1. Click the public link to view the tech pack and associated Files inline 
    2. Copy the public link so you can paste it and share however you wish
    3. E-mail the public link from Backbone 
  9. When you click on the link, it will open into a new tab in which you can view the tech pack and any attached files
  10. From this tab you can also download the tech pack and its attachments to your computer

Using the Public Link: 

  • Anyone who has the public link can view the tech pack and associated files
  • Public links do not expire, but if you archive or delete the tech pack, the public link will stop working

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