What's New: July 2021

Current Updates


  • Crop Tool: This feature has been removed. We recommend cropping your image outside of Backbone then uploading the cropped image into Backbone. 

Line Sheets

  • Filter a Report: When you filter a report, the filter will persist in the PDF download. 
  • Edit a Report: We moved the Edit button from the bottom righthand corner of the report to the three dot ellipse. 

  • Improved Display: We've added some additional display options for Line Sheets. You now have complete control over the Product attributes that you would like included in these reports. Show what you need, hide what you don’t! Learn more here. 

Coming Soon

Line Sheets

  • New custom sorting: Customize the sort order of your line sheets to display the product cards in the order you want.
    • Sort based on one or more product attributes.

If you have any further questions or feedback on this enhancement, please reach out to support@backboneplm.com. 

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