FAQ: Employee/User Changes

How do I delete a User? 

If/when an employee leaves your company, we recommend Archiving their Backbone profile. Archiving a User will maintain data integrity within your Site. We also recommend Archiving their profile shortly after their departure to ensure the account is no longer accessible. 

To do this:

  • Access your Global Navigation by clicking the 9-square icon in the top bar 
  • Click Admin 
  • Under Users, click Manage Users 
  • Click "Archive" beside the user you'd like to archive 
  • Archived users will be listed in the "Archived users" section within the Manage Users panel 

Please note, only users with Admin level permissions are able to Archive users. 

If you'd like to replace an archived user with a new user or add an additional user, please contact our Client Success team at clientsuccess@backboneplm.com

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