What's New: June 2021

Current Updates


  • Streamlined workflow to Manage Users: We've streamlined several features in the Manage Users section of the Admin. Making it easier for you to manage users. 
    • Employee changes? Learn more here.

Home Page

  • Set your Home Page: This new feature allows you to define the Backbone module that will open every time you log in. Choose the area of the app where you work most often, to reduce the number of clicks you need to get started!

Line Sheets

  • Improved layout of Condensed Format Export: We've reduced the amount of white space to fit more data on your reports. 

  • Streamlined report creation workflow: We've improved the create workflow to save you clicks when creating Line Sheets. 

Size Spec

  • New Import Template: This new template should improve the time it takes to upload your Size Specs into Backbone. You longer need to convert to IN (if you are working in CM), you can now indicate the UOM for your Spec upon upload! 


  • This feature has been removed due to low adoption.

Coming Soon

Line Sheets

  • Improved Line Sheet Display: Display even more attributes from your product data within each product card on your Line Sheets.
    • Hide information when it’s not needed - show what you need, hide what you don’t! 
    • We’ve cleaned up unnecessary white space to allow for more cards on each page. 
  • New custom sorting: Customize the sort order of your line sheets to display the product cards in the order you want.
    • Sort based on one or more product attributes.

If you have any further questions or feedback on this enhancement, please reach out to support@backboneplm.com. 

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