Item Master: Variant Export - Released: 4/23/2021

We are excited to announce our latest enhancement, Item Master Variant Exports!  Our goal with this new feature is to solve some of the pain points you may experience when exporting data from the Item Master (such as duplicating rows to for each Product Colorway) and reducing any errors when importing data into other systems. 

Key Benefits

  • Ability to export Item Master reports three different ways:
    • With a row for each Product 
    • With a row for each Product Colorway 
    • With a row for Product, Colorway and Size
  • Leverage these reports to share critical data from Backbone to other systems, such as ERP, Bright Pearl, Shopify, JOOR, Nu Order and more
  • Reduce the manual process of reformatting product export reports 

How to access the Variant Export 

  1. From the Global Navigation, click on the Item Master module 
  2. From your Item Master Library, click on any Item Master instance 
  3. From within your Item Master instance, click the 3 dot ellipses at the top right and choose Export to CSV
  4. Select the detail level you wish to export in the modal: 
    1. Product 
    2. Product and Colorway 
    3. Product, Colorway and Size
  5. The CSV will download to your computer

Using the Variant Export 

  • Any search terms, filters, hidden columns and sort preferences you set in your Item Master will be reflected in the CSV export

  • The option to export only one page of your Item Master was removed; every export will now include all pages.

  • When you export at the Colorway level or the Colorway-Size level, every Swatch Attribute for the Colorways will be map to a dedicated column in the CSV

    • Name
    • Custom Code
    • Internal Code
    • External Code
  • When you export at the Product level, the Colorway data will be limited to the Name and Custom Code only.

  • Reports exported at the variant level (Product and Colorway OR Product, Colorway and Size) will have the Custom Field values repeated for each variants row
    • For example:
      • Shirt, Red, S: Country of Origin: China
      • Shirt, Red, M: Country of Origin: China
      • Shirt, Red, L: Country of Origin: China
      • Shirt, Red, XL: Country of Origin: China
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