Colorway Utilization - Released: 4/16/2021

Colorway Utilization is a major step forward in how you better manage Swatches and Palettes. This new feature enables you to have greater visibility of color usage across your Products and Components, as well as the ability to clean-up duplicative data. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Reduced number of errors due to duplicative colors. 
    • Confidently remove any duplicate Swatches by viewing which Products and Components they are being used on.  
  • Improved single source of truth for all of your colors. 
    • Pantone code, NRF code, company specific codes? We've got you covered. Manage all the details in your Swatch for your entire team.
  • Enhanced Swatch and Palette management. 
    • When assigning Swatches to Palette's you'll now know the correct version by viewing the Utilization. 

How to access Colorway Utilization: 

  1. From the Global Navigation, click on the Palette's module 
  2. Click a Swatch to open up the Edit Swatch modal
  3. At the top of the modal, click the "Check the swatch utilization" link 
  4. The Color Utilization modal will appear and will be divided into two sections; Products and Components
  5. Scroll to see all results within modal
  6. Click a Product or Component Name
  7. A new browser tab will open to the associated Record/Summary 
  8. Navigate back to the original browser tab to continue viewing other Utilizations
  9. Click the “x” icon to exit

Using the Colorway Utilization: 

  • Utilization Access 
    • The Swatch Utilization modal can only be opened via a link at the top of the Edit Swatch modal.
      • You will not see this link when creating a new swatch, as there can be no utilization prior to creation. 
  • Utilization Details  
    • The modal is divided into two sections, Products and Components.
    • The Product Name and Style Number or Component Name and Code will be displayed for each utilization. 
    • The Utilization will be sorted alpha-numerically by Name in each section. 
  • Clicking a Products or Components Name will open the the associated Record/Summary Section in another browser tab.

If you have any further questions or feedback on this enhancement, please reach out to

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