What's New: April 2021

As our Product team works to prioritize some exciting feature releases and enhancements - please find latest updates, removals and things that are coming soon! 

Current Updates

Coming Soon - You asked, we listened! 

Current Updates

Item Master

  • Improved search performance: The search results will now max at 50. Therefore you should have a much better experience when searching for Products in your reports! 

  • Collaboration: When sharing reports with other users, we have removed the permissions "Can Edit" or "Read Only". Now, anyone who is shared on the report will have full access. 


  • Viewer User Role: You will no longer be able to set a user as a Viewer (Read-only) Role. 
    • All other User Roles will remain, they are the following: 
      • Contributor - Can Create & Edit throughout the app, does not have access to Admin settings
      • Manager - Can Create, Edit & Delete throughout the app, does not have access to Admin settings
      • Admin - Full Access

Custom Fields

  • Improved UI layout: For streamlined organization in the Product and Component Summary / Edit modals. 
    • All Custom Fields will be displayed in both areas and the order will reflect the order set in the Admin.


  • Component Types & UOM  
    • You no longer have the ability to toggle a Component Type or UOM Inactive/Active. 

Item Master & Line Sheet Library

  • Library Filters: In the Item Master & Line Sheet Libraries, the Filter has been removed. 
    • If you are managing several reports in these Libraries, we recommend using the Search and Sort functions to find the report you are looking for:

Coming Soon

Colorway Utilization

  • Enhanced visibility of color usage
  • Make critical decisions and reduce errors across your assortment 

Enhanced Colorway & Size Exports

  • Export Colorway and/or size level data from the Item Master
  • Leverage these reports to share critical data from Backbone to other systems (ERP, Bright Pearl, Shopify, JOOR, Nu Order and more) 
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