When I download a File, it's downloading with code text instead of the actual File. How do I open the actual File?

When you download a File from the Files section of a Product record and experience the File opening as "plain text" rather than the actual File, you have two options that will allow you to download and save the Files. Before you do this, you'll need to e-mail the Files from Backbone to your e-mail: 

 From there, you can click the download link one of the following ways: 

  1. Go back, right click on the Download link in the email, and choose “Save Link As” (Chrome): 
  2. On that tab, File → Save Page As (in Chrome). Make sure you DON'T append the .txt extension to the filename:

You should now be able to open the Files in the correct format. If you are still having trouble opening the file, please reach out to support@backboneplm.com. 

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