What's New: October 2020


  1. When creating a new Custom Color in the Product / Component record or Palette, you can no longer source Pantone colors. Instead, follow this workflow:
    1. In the Colorway section, click the dropdown to select Pantones. 
    2. Next, choose the Pantone you'd like to add.
    3. The Add Custom Color pop-up modal will appear with the pre-filled Pantone Name, Code and Swatch. You can leave these attributes as is or move to other Color Attribute Fields like Internal Code or External Code. 
    4. Saving this Color will save it to the selected Library at the top of the modal. 
    5. This will save on the Product, Component or Palette that you are adding the Color onto.
  2. When searching for a Color to add to Product or Component, the list of Colors now includes all Color Attributes. 

  3. When creating a new Custom Color, you will now receive a warning if one of the four Color Attributes (Name, Custom Code, Internal Code, External Code) match an existing custom swatch in any of your Libraries.


  1. We’ve made it more efficient for you to navigate through the app. You can now right click in the following areas to open a new tab: 
    1. When clicking a Component within a BOM 
    2. When clicking the “breadcrumb” header at the top of any page
    3. When clicking to open a Product Record from within Product Library
    4. When clicking to open a Component Record from within Component Library

Tech Pack E-mail Modal

  1. Editing a File Name in the Files section of a Product flows through to "Files to include" section when emailing a Tech Pack. 

  2. E-mail validation when copy and pasting e-mail addresses from an e-mail into the "Email" field of the E-mail Tech Pack modal. 

  3. In the first step of the Tech Pack generation, the default "Fit Photos" section and checkbox has been removed as this does not exist anymore. 

Item Master

  1. In the first column of the Item Master, the Column header name has been changed from "Item" to "Name". 


  1. In the Image Annotator, we have removed the History Tab and Functionality from the Footer and the Save Button from the toolbar. All Images will be autosaved, so you no longer need to click a button. 
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