What's New: August 2020


  • You now have the ability to download an Image from the Images section. You can access this via the 3 dot icon.

Tech Packs

  • We’ve added a disclaimer at the bottom of the email being sent from Backbone to notify the recipient that the Tech Pack & File links will expire within 7 days. 

  • When using the “Bulk” e-mail Tech Pack feature from the Product Library or Item Master, if there are multiple Tech Packs for a Product, the default selection will be the most recent, not the oldest. 

Component Utilization Reporting

  • New Feature: Component Utilization Reporting was launched Monday, August 3rd. To learn more, watch the Live Training below:

Product / Component Edit Modal 

  • We have removed the ability to “Edit” Color Chips from the Product / Component Summary to streamline how colors are managed. 
    • Edit Color Chips within the Colorway Module and your changes will flow out to associated Products and Components.

Item Master

  • We are removing the ability to delete Product Records from within the Item Master
    • If you would like to remove a Product from the Item Master, you can adjust the criteria for the Report. 
    • If you would like to delete a Product Record, you can do this from the Product Library.  
  • Don’t forget: You now have the ability to display the Product Colorway and Size Range as Comma Separated Values in the Item Master.
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