What's New: September 2020

Product Feedback & Revisions

  • The most recent Feedback & Revisions will now appear at the top of the Development Stage section, rather than at the bottom.


  • We are adding a tooltip to Color chips so you can see the additional Color attributes to know you are selecting the correct Color when adding to Product or Component. These areas are the following: 
    • Product Record - Create/Edit modal 
    • Component Record: Variants - Add/Edit modal
    • Bill of Materials - Add Variant in the Side Navigation drawer
    • Component Record: Variants - Filter in the Left Side Navigation 

  • When viewing a Color in a Library or Palette, the Library Name used to be the most visible attribute. We have removed the Library Name, so the Color Name and Custom Code are the most visible attributes. 

Pantone Colors 

  • Pantones should be used as a “Source” to create new Custom Colors. In the Color creation modal, you can choose which Library you want the Custom Color to be saved to.  

  • To keep these separate from Custom Libraries, we are adding a separate section in the Colorway module called “Color Books”.  


  • When deleting a Taxonomy field, you had the option to “Delete Items” associated with that field. We have removed this option, therefore anytime you Delete a Taxonomy field, the associated Products or Components will be unlinked and the field will be cleared.  


  • When deleting a Block, you will now receive a warning modal.

Image Annotator

  • When adding POM Marker to an Image, you could create a new PoM (as picture below). We have removed this feature, however you can select from PoMs from the Size Spec or PoM Template Library.

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