How is Backbone different from other PLMs?

Backbone is a next-generation solution that works the way product companies want to. It’s designed at the core to be highly user-centric. This means, each user’s experience is role-focused. Users only see what relates to their functions without being overwhelmed with aspects of the app that do not concern them. Backbone has the most flexible control panel, behind the scenes, allowing for autonomy in managing all aspects of a brand’s ecosystem. This means, companies can make foundational updates without having to pay additionally for system modifications. Backbone is compatible with all files types and supports massive file uploads. Backbone is truly end-to-end. Product companies can manage their entire workflow without needing individual solutions to fill gaps. Backbone is turn-key. By offering more out-of-the-box, we actually reduce the cost of implementing a PLM, by greatly reducing the roll out time. This means, our customers can get up and running faster, and feel a true, immediate ROI.

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