Configuring Custom Fields for Components & BOM's

Many attributes which must be displayed within the BOM in Tech Packs are actually Component-level attributes. Think of “Supplier” or “Content”, for example. These data points are static, so it’s best to enter them once per material, rather than redundantly entering them on every BOM which uses the material. Mark the “Public Field” option when configuring fields for these attributes, and they will appear as comma-separated values under the Component Name in your Tech Pack BOMs. 

  1. In your Admin panel, set up the field in the Component section -- marking it a “Public Field".
  2. In your Component Library, enter the correct Content for each material. 
  3. Add the Component to a Product’s Bill of Materials. Please note, the in-app BOM truncates certain data to allow you to fit more to the page while you work on it. You won’t see the Content in this view, but the data is dynamically linked! 
  4. Generate a Tech Pack, and see that the Content and any other Public Component data display in the BOM as a comma separated values, just beneath the relevant Component Name & Code. 
    1. Please note, there are various layout options you can choose when creating a new Tech Pack which may also a ect how this data is displayed. This screenshot shows an Expanded-format BOM.
  5. Stuck on point 3? If you really need visibility of a Component-level attribute within your in-app BOM, you can configure it with the "Appears on BOM” option. 
  6. The Component-level ‘Supplier’ field is configured to appear on the in-app BOM here. The data in this field is read-only at the BOM level, you have to go to the Component Record to make changes. Also note the field has “CMP” note next to its name, to help distinguish it from BOM-level fields.
    1. Best practice is to limit yourself to just one or two Component fields for the in-app BOM. Add more than this, and you may find yourself scrolling left-to-right a lot - especially for Products with multiple Colorways!
    2. If you configure your Component fields this way, you can of course still display the data in your Tech Packs.
  7. Build BOM-level custom fields to track data which changes depending on where the Component is used. Our clients’ most commonly-used BOM level field is ‘Placement’’ -- to indicate where on each Product a given Component is used. This field is generally marked Public, so that its data appears on Tech Packs for factories’ reference. 

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