Backbone Terminology

  • Annotations/Markers: Tools to visually communicate Construction Details, Points of Measure, or Components and Comments on an Image that build your Product. 
  • Bill of Materials (BOM): A list or 'recipe' of all the Components needed to build your Product.
  • Blocks: A Size Spec preset, or template, or all your Points of Measure that can be quickly exported or imported to/from Products. 
  • Colorway: This is an application on Backbone that stores all of your Palettes and Libraries in one place.
  • Colorway Swatch: A Color that you have created to add to Products & Components.
  • Bonus: We have a partnership with Pantone, which should make this fairly easy if you reference their colors to develop colors! 
  • Colorway Library: A larger collection of your colors that are commonly used for colors specific to suppliers, mills, divisions, etc. There is no limit on the number of colors you can store in a Library! 
  • Colorway Palettes: A smaller and more specific subset of frequently used colors that you use to develop a season, category, etc. There's a limit of 50 colors and you can export to multiple Products or Components at once! 
  • Component Utilization Reports: A dynamic tool to track where your Components are in use (in bulk!) across your entire Product assortment, as well as a selected assortment.   
  • Component Variants: One to three attributes of a Component which are configured when you create a new Component. Good examples would be Size, Color, Weight, etc that when combined often constitute a change in price or code. 
  • Construction Detail: A design callout or description to help annotate on Images and keep consistent verbiage throughout your development. 
  • Custom Fields: A dynamic data field that allows the user to report, filter and navigate more quickly throughout the app. 
  • Development Stages: Used to categorize and better track status through the entire design cycle, such as Concept, 1st Prototype or 2nd Prototype.  
  • Feedback & Revisions: A tool that allows you to track and communicate with vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers throughout the development process.
  • Item Master: A dynamic tool to create data-driven reports of your Products or Components. 
  • Line Sheets: A dynamic tool to create visually-driven reports of your Products. 
  • Point of Measure (PoM): A description of a distinct measurement to help guide the fit of a Product.  
  • Summary Details: The combination of your filled out Taxonomy and Custom Fields data for a specific Product or Component. 
  • Taxonomy: The hierarchy of your Product and Component classifications.
  • Tech Pack: A PDF rollup of all relevant Product information that you've added in Backbone and is needed to efficiently communicate to your vendors how to construct your Product. 
  • Tolerance: The amount of variance allowed when measuring a PoM in a sample. 
  • Utilization: A tool to see which Products your Components are being used in. 
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