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Onboarding & Digital Events

Getting Started!

New to Backbone? Here's where we suggest you start your journey.

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Digital Events

Check out our schedule for upcoming events and view past recordings!

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Stay up-to-date with a list of features that have been removed or changed.

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Feature Releases

Learn about New Features in Backbone!

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Monthly Updates

Find out what's new in Backbone this month!

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Product Library

An overview of all your brands' products

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A high level overview of product taxonomy, code, colorways, and more

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Organize your product images into different categories

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Piece together your bill of materials in the app

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Size Spec

Linked to the POM and Block Library, view + edit graded or sample measurements

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A place to store many file types for each product

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Tech Packs

Easily generate complete and custom tech packs

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Start calculating your costing sheet from scratch or import items from your BOM

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Feedback & Revisions

Create a page to comment on each stage of your development process

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Configure and Manage your Company, Taxonomy, Custom Fields, Users and more..

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Simple & easy answers about the Backbone basics like navigation or terminology

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Create Graded Spec Templates that can be quickly added to any Product Record

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BOM Template Library

Build BoM Templates that can be quickly added to any Product Record

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Create and manage Colors for Products or Components using Libraries & Palettes!

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Component Utilization Reports

Dynamically track where your Components are in use across your entire assortment!

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Learn how to create, manage and edit Components to build your BoM for Products!

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Construction Detail Library

Create a collection of Construction Details to maintain consistency and accuracy

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Item Views

Manage data driven reports for Products & Components using this dynamic tool!

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Line Sheet

Create visual Product reports that compile your Product Images with key data

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Point of Measure Library

Store your common Points of Measure to quickly build consistent Size Specs & Blocks

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Best Practices

Learn from our experts with some of these key Best Practices on how to use Backbone!

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Terms & Privacy

Learn more about our terms, privacy policy, security & more.

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Learn more about Backbone through some frequently asked questions from clients!

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